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Grupo de Investigación Traslacional en
Enfermedades Renales y Cardiovasculares

We predict disease
through the use of medical criteria.

Anticipémonos a la enfermedad

con criterios de medicina de precisión.

To understand renal and cardiovascular disease in a holistic and integrated way

We have a special interest in identifying, being able to detect and improve the management of subclinical disease and, in particular, the individual risk of developing disease, as a means to predict and prevent it. To this end, we use a multidisciplinary approach that synergistically combines pre-clinical biomedical experimentation, clinical research and artificial intelligence in an international cooperative approach. Our ultimate goal is to gain pathophysiological knowledge and to develop useful products and applications for patients, working in close collaboration with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Main projects
and lines of research

Frail Project

A New Understanding of Frailty
in Vegetative Functions. A New Opportunity to Prevent
Renal and Cardiovascular Disease.

Did you know…?

Twenty percent of the European population is over the age of 65. By the end of this century, 15% of the population will be over 80.

Inther Project

Integration of Pathophysiology and
Artificial Intelligence to Optimize
Pharmacological Treatments and
Reduce Toxicity.

Did you know…?

Fifteen percent of the adult population receives a combination of drugs that can lead to significant alterations in kidney function and
blood pressure.

Akiprev Project

Innovative Diagnostic System
Based on New Urinary Biomarkers
to Prevent and Monitor Acute Kidney Damage.

Did you know…?

Acute renal damage affects 2-3% of hospitalized patients and 10-30% of ICU patients.
We can detect the risk
of kidney damage.

Biotab Project

A different type of project:
Tobacco Also Damages Our Kidneys. Development of a Diagnostic System to Monitor Renal Damage.

Did you know…?
In Spain, tobacco causes more than 50,000 deaths a year, 13% of total annual deaths.

Proyecto Akiprev

Sistema diagnóstico innovador
basado en nuevos biomarcadores
urinarios para prevenir y monitorizar el daño renal agudo.

¿Sabías que…?

El daño renal agudo afecta al 2-3% de los pacientes hospitalizados y al 10-30% de los pacientes en UCI.
Podemos detectar el riesgo
de padecer daño renal.

Proyecto Biotab

Un proyecto diferente…

El tabaco también daña los riñones. Desarrollo de un sistema diagnóstico para monitorizar el daño renal.

¿Sabías que…?

En España el tabaco provoca más de 50.000 muertes al año, el 13% del total de muertes anuales.

Predit Project

Development of an App That Predicts
the Functioning of a Transplanted Kidney.

Did you know…?

Spain is a world leader in organ transplantation.
Kidney transplants are the most frequent
(15,702 in the last 5 years).

ICItox Project

Prognosis of Cancer Patients Worsens Due to Renal Dysfunction Resulting from Treatments.

Did you know…?

The prognosis of cancer patients worsens due to renal dysfunction that treatments can cause.

CardioRen Project

Prevention and Early Detection of
Renal Damage Following
Cardiac Surgery.

Did you know…?

Major surgery is one of the most frequent causes of
renal damage.

Preverc Project

Early Diagnosis and
Preventive Treatment of
Chronic Kidney Disease.

Did you know…?

Chronic kidney disease
affects 1 in 7 adults, more
than 7.5 million people in Spain.

Proyecto CardioRen

Prevención y detección precoz del
daño renal que se produce tras la
cirugía cardiaca.

¿Sabías que…?

La cirugía mayor es una de las causas más frecuentes de daño

Proyecto Preverc

Sistema de diagnóstico temprano
y tratamiento preventivo de
la enfermedad renal crónica.

¿Sabías que…?

La enfermedad renal crónica
afecta a 1 de cada 7 adultos, más
de 7,5 millones de españoles.

Lines of Research


Comprehensive approach, analysis and modelling of physiological
and pathological processes of the renal and cardiovascular systems.

  • Acute renal damage
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Hypertension, diabetes,


A new strategy for detecting the risk of developing kidney disease.

  • Urinary biomarkers
  • Intelligent computer systems
  • Clinical decision support systems


Development of therapeutics targeting the mechanisms of

  • Drug repositioning
  • Development of dietary supplements


• Antioxidant treatments for the prevention of pharmacological nephrotoxicity.

• New diagnostic and monitoring systems for renal toxicity.


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Collaborating Companies


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With Spanish research groups



ERA-EDTA: European Renal Association – European Dialysis and Transplant Association.

EUROTOX: Federation of European Toxicologists & European Societies of Toxicology.

EUSTM: European Society for the Translational Medicine.

SEN: Spanish Society of Nephrology.

SET: Spanish Society of Transplantation.

AETOX: Spanish Association of Toxicology.